Take Out a Contract On HydraFacial - It's an Offer You Can't Refuse!

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Isn’t HydraFacial a very reliable system? Doesn’t my warranty cover me if I have a problem? Can’t most problems normally be fixed over the phone with a few troubleshooting steps from an engineer? If a more serious problem arises won’t it be taken care of by an engineer in no more than 48hrs?

Of course, the answer to all those questions is yes while your machine is under warranty. You can rest assured that you are completely covered in the unlikely event of your HydraFacial malfunctioning or developing a problem – which we have to say, is a very rare occurrence indeed.

Bad things can happen to good machines!

But what happens when your warranty runs out and you’re no longer eligible for free servicing and maintenance? What are your options? The best way to look after your HydraFacial machine and ensure it gives you continuous and trouble-free performance is to have it regularly serviced to keep it in good working order– ready to deliver treatments to your clients whenever it’s required.

Alternatively, you could forgo a regular servicing option and go down the ‘pay-as-you-go route’ and wait for a problem to develop before calling for engineer assistance but, and it’s a big but, there are major practical and economic disadvantages when making this choice.

Just suppose for a moment...

You are delivering four HydraFacials a day and your system goes down unexpectedly. Just for starters that’s lost revenue of at least £480, not to mention four disappointed customers that will have to be rescheduled, plus the cost of the repair. A costly malfunction in anybody’s books.

Now imagine being out of commission for a whole week! That’s twenty cancelled treatments and at least £2,400 in lost, or at best delayed revenue. Plus, the repair cost. A very expensive malfunction and not a scenario you’d want to deal with we think you’d agree, but one that could happen all too easily.

Which is why taking out a contract… a service contract that is, on your HydraFacial machine is the best way to solve this nightmare scenario.

An offer you can't refuse

For just £950+ VAT per annum (that’s less than half the income you’d lose with a machine out for a week!) which can be spread over 12 monthly payments by direct debit of £79.16 + VAT if you prefer, you can take out a HydraFacial Service Contract to maintain your system and keep it in ‘tip top’ condition and fix it in the event of a breakdown.

A little under £1000 per year gives you1 x scheduled preventative maintenance visit a year where an engineer will carry out the following procedures:

  • Replacement of all hand piece tubing, (1 per annum)
  • Full hand piece service and cleanse
  • Clean and calibration of monitor
  • Calibration and adjustment of vacuum suction
  • Flush through manifold and serum feed tubes, replace where required
  • Full check of internal electrical connections
  • Full check and adjustment of all vacuum and serum connections
  • Replacement of rings where required
  • Waste canister check
  • Production of engineer assessment of the condition of the device and servicing report

More than meets the eye

In addition to this you will also be eligible for three repair visits per year with labour costs and travel expenses included. You only pay for parts used at a 10% discount off the list price and, if your device cannot be repaired on site within 72 hours, delivery and use of a loan system is also included.

Without a HydraFacial Service Plan, you would have to pay standard ‘pay as you go rates’ of £550+VAT per call out and this would only cover labour and travel expenses. Any parts used are charged at list price. Payments under the ‘pay as you go’ system are also required in full prior to engineer’s visit, which can also dent’s cash flow.

So, all things considered, you can see that the £950 +VAT annual Service Plan option is indeed excellent value for money. Why not sign up today and benefit from the peace of mind being covered by a HydraFacial Service Contract brings?

Call now on 01788 572 007 and get covered today.