With HydraFacial You Really Do Get What You Pay For

The first question that we get asked most frequently when talking to potential HydraFacial customers is: "Why does it cost so much?”

The response? "It doesn’t!”

And that’s not us being flippant or evasive. It’s just the truth. Let us explain.

We agree… A medically led aesthetic device can be expensive, but in HydraFacial’s case not only – in the words of the old adage used in the title of this blog – ‘do you get what you pay for’, you actually get a lot more. You are not just buying an aesthetic machine, you are buying into a second to none comprehensive support package and experience designed to deliver many frequently visiting clients to your business.

Re-couping the cost

Generally, you’ll see an ROI within around three months or potentially (as several clinics have done recently) make your money back in a day by hosting one of our HydraFacial Red Carpet promotional events. On average the takings from a Red Carpet event are £12,000 but £17,000 to £23,000 is frequently achieved and the record currently stands at £36,000 in a single day.

Promoting the treatment

As well as the Red Carpet events, which come included as part of our comprehensive support package, you also receive:

  • Full on-site training through the highly successful HydraFacial Academy
  • An online Resource Centre packed with marketing and training collateral
  • A comprehensive business development program that includes extensive and ongoing, real, hands-on support and investment in advertising and marketing the brand to get clients to actively seek out HydraFacial.

Is that everything?

Not at all, but not bad for starters, right? Now, add in:

  • HydraFacial’s global brand profile
  • Testimonials and endorsements from a growing host of top celebrities
  • Outstanding results for skin of any age and type with no downtime or after-effects

… And that’s what results in a string of regular visiting, happy clients. Suddenly, it’s beginning to look like HydraFacial is more than worth it’s buck.

What can I make from it?

The ROI is almost in your hands. It’s up to you what you feel is the most appropriate price for your clinic’s location and clients, but the cost to deliver a HydraFacial is relatively low cost, even with all the single use consumables and tips included. Therapist delivered, it is a profitable treatment giving you repeat regularly visiting clients. There is also an ongoing service programme after the first year which is £85 per month to cover the cost of; replacement tubing, servicing, call out and replacement machine.

Even after taking these costs into consideration most new HydraFacial clinics find from day one of ownership HydraFacial starts making money and with just a minimum of 27 clients taking a course, it is paid for! There’s a potential to earn at least an extra £1000 a year from each of your top clients and generate revenues exceeding £100,000 per year.

Plus, with HydraFacial’s Skin Health for Life concept, finding these high spenders in your business and creating loyal customers of them - who will return month after month and are happy to refer the treatment to others - is simple to achieve.

Do I have to pay for it outright?

We like to cater our purchases to suit clinics of all different shapes and sizes. So no, you don’t have to pay in one go as Finance packages can be arranged.

So how long do I have to wait?

The most common second question we’re asked…

 I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear it’s just two weeks from order!

To take that next step and request a free demonstration, or to find out more about joining the HydraFacial Nation email: admin@hydrafacial.co.uk or call: 01788 572 007