What Makes HydraFacial Unique?


In the last few years HydraFacial has gone from strength-to-strength to become one of the – if not the – most talked about, premier, non-invasive, aesthetic facial treatments on the market.   But why? What makes HydraFacial so popular around the world? Why is it so unique? How is it so effective? What exactly are its USP’s?

Happy clients, happy clinic

Well that all depends where you stand (or lie down as the case may be). If you are a clinic or salon owner one of the best attributes of HydraFacial is its unique ability to generate repeat and regular business from the invariably happy clientele who experience it.  As a client, HydraFacial’s fantastic, instantly visible results; the fact that it can be used to treat skin of any age or type; its ability to treat a wide range of common skin complaints like acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and that there is no discernible downtime after a treatment, are the unique reasons why so many users swear by HydraFacial and come back for more time and time again.

Loved by celebrities

In addition, because HydraFacial is adored and used by so many film and TV stars on both sides of the Atlantic (it is unofficially called the ‘celebs facial’) and used by thousands of dermatologists worldwide who freely promoteits use in their clinics, it has now evolved into an ‘asked for’ brand that has become a gateway to lifetime clients for many aesthetic businesses.

Why do I need a HydraFacial as well as my existing machinery?

So, what’s stopping you saving your money and replicating the combi-facial effect of HydraFacial with equipment you already have? A few things really.

  1. Although you may be able to cobble together a similar-ish treatment with existing equipment you won’t be able to deliver bespoke, quality products into any skin type or age painlessly, without any downtime, and achieve immediately visible, radiant results.
  2. You won’t have clients coming to you asking for the treatment you create by name as they do with HydraFacial.
  3. It will be difficult to match the investment HydraFacial have already made in the brand to drive clients to their clinics.
  4. Whatever you create…it won’t be HydraFacial!

What about the serums, do I need those from HydraFacial?

You may also be wondering if you can use other products with the system if you invest in a HydraFacial or if you have to buy the bespoke HydraFacial serums. Again, the answer is we wouldn’t recommend it. HydraFacial serums are specifically designed to work together, go through the system and be delivered deeply into the skin. The HydraFacial delivers serums over 200 microns into the skin which is about 20x deeper than a topical application and so products need to be properly tested to make sure they won’t cause problems and are effective and well tolerated. All HydraFacial serums meet these requirements.

A proven business model

So, that’s what makes HydraFacial unique.   From day one of ownership HydraFacial will start making money for any salon or clinic with just a bare minimum of 27 interested clients. Plus, finding the loyal customers who understand  HydraFacial’s Skin Health for Life concept, –  and return month after month for treatments is simple to achieve. HydraFacial’s proven business model and outstanding capabilities and effectiveness really are unmatched by any other treatment on the market and are the things that make HydraFacial truly unique.

For more information or to place an order for a machine and join the HydraFacial Nation to start boosting your profits call 01788 527007 or email admin@hydrafacial.co.uk to arrange a free, personal consultation.