Short Term vs. Long Term Profitability


You’d think the answer to that would be a no brainer, yet we still get asked why anyone should consider buying a HydraFacial when there are other devices and treatments on the market that are able to generate more profit per hour than a HydraFacial. Which raises an important question…

If other treatments are more profitable, why should I consider buying a HydraFacial?

The answer to that is simple. Long term profitability. You should make a minimum of £80 profit per hour from a HydraFacial treatment. There are many ways this profit can be increased too but the important thing is, it is long term, repeated profit. HydraFacial clients will repeat visit at least monthly and often go on to have other treatments with you as they get to know, like and trust you. Yes, you can make £1,000+ profit from other devices and treatments but you will generally only make it once from that client. With HydraFacial you can make ongoing continual profit, via the therapist that is a gateway treatment into your clinic, which gives immediate results, with no downtime and is enjoyable and pleasant to have.

Why buy a HydraFacial instead of a competitor?

There are many reasons why we’d recommend buying a HydraFacial rather than the competitors or copycat machines.

  1. Results – HydraFacial is unique. No other treatment on the market can treat skin of any age or type, give instantly visible results with no discernible downtime and be used to treat a wide range of common skin complaints like acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Support - Only HydraFacial provides a comprehensive support package that includes continual free and full on-site training; access to the highly successful HydraFacial Academy; an online resource centre packed with marketing and training collateral; a comprehensive business development program that includes extensive and ongoing, real, hands-on support and investment in advertising and marketing to get clients to actively seek out HydraFacial and promotions like HydraFacial’s Red Carpet event which spreads word of HydraFacial at your clinic or salon to help fill the appointment book.
  3. Brand awareness – No other treatment has the same high profile global awareness as HydraFacial. Not only is it now used by countless dermatologist worldwide who endorse its use in their clinics, but also, ever increasing numbers of celebrities are singing its praises and advocating its regular use – so many in fact that it has now become commonly known as and referred to as the ‘celebs or celebrity facial’.
  4. Reliability – HydraFacial is one of the most reliable systems on the market with a proven track record of reliability and a long standing FDA listing. After the first year of ownership an ongoing service programme is available which, in the unlikely event of breakdown, covers call out and repair, replacement tubing, annual servicing and replacement machines.
  5. Demand – We have seen demand for HydraFacial growyear on year. Since 2013 it has enjoyed enormous exposure and growth and is currently available in over 260 centres across the UK, including clinics and salons. Aesthetician-led, the treatment doesn’t require a doctor, making it accessible to centres everywhere. From consumable usage we are able to calculate a treatment is started approximately every 45 seconds in the UK points to a significant demand in anybody’s book.
  6. ROI - From day one of ownership HydraFacial will start making money for any salon or clinic with at least 27 interested clients. HydraFacial has the potential to earn at least an extra £1000 a year from these top clients, with some clinics generating revenue exceeding £100,000 per year - comfortably covering any initial investment made. Add in a Red Carpet event and it is possible to earn enough in a single day to recoup a substantial - if not all - of the initial cost of your HydraFacial in one day! On average takings from a Red Carpet event amount to £8,000 to £12,000 but £17,000 to £23,000 is often achieved frequently and the record currently stands at £36,000 in a single day.

I could go on and on, but the best analogy I can relate regarding HydraFacial is, you could buy a Rolls Royce, a pogo stick or a pair of roller skates. They will all get you from A to B… eventually! But ask anyone and they’ll all say they’d prefer to ride in the Rolls! The same can be said of HydraFacial – the Rolls Royce of non-invasive facial treatments.

How much will you make per HydraFacial treatment?

This will obviously depend on what you charge but generally it should be a minimum of £80 profit per treatment and can very often be considerably more. Call us to discover the real potential of HydraFacial on 01788 527007 or email to arrange a free, personal consultation.