When it comes to support and service HydraFacial is hard to beat


Unlike with other medically led aesthetic treatment machines, new HydraFacial customers find there is a lot more to owning a HydraFacial system than just paying for it, taking delivery and plugging it in. With HydraFacial you get an awful lot more bang for your buck! This includes an industry leading, unrivalled, comprehensive and ongoing support and service package to help you get the most out of your new machine and make money from day one and beyond!

So what support and service do you get from HydraFacial?

  • Firstly, soon after delivery, you’ll receive expert training from a dedicated training manager on how to deliver HydraFacial and what treatment protocols can be employed to treat various skin conditions. This initial introduction can be supplemented via the regular and highly successful HydraFacial Academy training sessions that are proving very popular and are held throughout the UK annually or by in-house one-to-one training that can be arranged by appointment.
  • Secondly, we organise and host over 70 onsite Red Carpet day events for customers each year. On average these generate approx. £10,000/event in appointments and treatments and help to fill your appointment book with HydraFacial packages purchased by clients on the day. The current record stands at £36,000 in a single day which more than paid for the clinic’s system in one go.
  • Thirdly, we have a dedicated marketing team who create bespoke customer and trade communications to get clients to actively seek out HydraFacial – including seasonal campaigns, videos and social media - along with an online resource centre where a host of marketing and training collateral can be downloaded as required.
  • We also provide one-to-one tuition on how to sell treatment packages; pointers on the use of the Go-Cardless online direct debit system; investment in celebrity endorsements, point of sale video cards, bespoke VIP referral systems and gift cards to help maximise your ROI.
  • By ensuring we have sufficient members of staff - in administration, marketing and distribution –there are always enough people to manage enquiries promptly and efficiently and dispatch consumable products via next day delivery, free of charge. For your convenience, we also operate extended business hours of 8:30am-6pm to ensure the office and administration team are contactable as much as possible, as well as out of hours’ calls for urgent enquiries.
  • We also work with a London based PR & Communications consultancy specialising in Beauty, Medical Aesthetics and Lifestyle & Wellness to liaise specifically with trade and industry, national press and consumer publication representatives.  They can also provide access to the UK’s largest and longest running, independent aesthetic information website covering cosmetic surgery, non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments, hair loss, cosmetic dentistry and laser eye surgery.
  • Finally, for those inevitable - but thankfully very rare adverse problems that can arise in any business relationship - we have a robust reporting system, in line with FDA requirements, that enables our customers to complete reports 24/7, 365 days of the year so we can act on them promptly and efficiently.

What if something goes wrong with the system? How quickly can we get up and running again?

Well, the good news is HydraFacial is a very reliable system and the majority of problems that get reported can normally be fixed over the phone by a few troubleshooting steps from our engineer.  If it is a more serious issue though we can usually get one of our engineers to you within 48 hours. If, they can’t repair your system straight away we’ll provide a replacement machine to keep you operating.

Even with all this unrivalled service and support and the proven profitability, reliability and effectiveness of HydraFacial we still get asked one question a lot.

If it’s not successful will you help us sell the system on?

To which we reply ‘of course we will’. But, we are confident that your HydraFacial will be a roaring success - after all 270+ clinics across the UK are starting a new treatment every 45 seconds! The fact that that very few HydraFacials ever go on sale in the second-hand market is hopefully proof enough of its success rate!

To take that next step and request a free demonstration, or to find out more about joining the HydraFacial Nation email: admin@hydrafacial.co.uk or call: 01788 572 007