Rolling out the Red Carpet for HydraFacial

What is a Red Carpet event and why do you do them?

Quite simply, a Red Carpet event is a promotional day we help clinics and salons host, to showcase HydraFacial to an invited audience of their most  valued and big spending clients. In all the years we have been hosting them we have found them to be far more successful than ‘open’ days and simply the most effective and profitable way of promoting a new HydraFacial machine in a clinic or salon. A Red Carpet event is the best way to start repaying the purchasing costs of your device (or pay for it all in one go, but more of that in a bit!) and fill the appointment book for the future.

Why should I hold one?

In our experience a Red Carpet event is the most impactful and enjoyable  way of creating the hype and interest for HydraFacial in your location to make it a profitable treatment for your business from day one!

 As well as introducing valued clients to HydraFacial and demonstrating its capabilities and effectiveness, it is also the perfect opportunity to sell them monthly or annual courses or other complimentary treatments you may offer.

Why is it such an effective promotion?

A HydraFacial treatment is such a unique and pleasant experience – and one that produces instantly visible results - that a high proportion of women (and men) that undergo a single session invariably don’t want to lose those results and so book a further package of treatments, which is ultimately, the main goal of a Red Carpet event.

How much can I expect to make from an event?

On average, takings from a Red Carpet event range from £8k to £12k, but sales of between £17k and £23k have been achieved by many clinics, covering the cost of a HydraFacial machine in a single day!

Anything it earns after that is pure profit!

The current record for takings at a single Red Carpet event was a whopping £36k achieved by Elite Aesthetics in 2017. Here’s what clinic founder Dr Shirin Lakhani MBBS MRCGP DRCOG, a GP and fully trained aesthetic physician, had to say about the day:

“We bought our HydraFacial less than a month ago. We had our Red Carpet event last Wednesday and broke ALL of the records for the amount taken in one event! We more than paid for our machine in a day! I just wanted to say that the team at HydraFacial have been absolutely superb. They’ve been incredibly supportive right from the sales process all the way through to the Red Carpet event and beyond. I think every skin clinic should have a HydraFacial!”


Perhaps you fancy having a go at breaking this record in 2018?  We’d loved to help you try.

If you want more information about hosting a Red Carpet event or HydraFacial in general email: or call: 01788 572 007